Nechama Shaish

The artist Nechama Shaish spent her childhood near Mea Shearim, where the chassidim walked in the streets with Talmuds in their hands, children with curled peyos played in the yards.

Since her marriage, Nechama lives in an area somewhat of a distance from her childhood home. Today, Mea Shearim is a melting pot of cultures; besides the chassidim who come and go on its narrow streets, the neighborhood is also full of jews of sephardic descent who just as eagerly present their ancient traditions with authentic jewish flavor.

The traditions of the jewish nation and the chassidic home, the prayers of innocent children and the beauty of family life – they all fill her life.

Nechama’s entire existence and the artistic soul in her are imbued with the impressions of Jerusalem. Since she started to paint twenty years ago, she draws experiences from the city’s treasures that surround her. Her paint brush dips into her experiences and her soul sweeps across her canvas.

Furthermore, Nechama is drawn to life in the jewish village accompanied by her oil paints, she travels searching for her roots amidst houses with sloping tiled roofs, yards fenced in with wooden posts, feather quills and inkwells, kerosene lamps, village paths and wandering ducks.

Nechama’s daughters Sari & Brochi are also artists. When they come up with a creative idea, one of them rushes to express it on paper; the other family members follow suit afterwards, each one in her own unique artistic style.

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