Philip Duneton

Born in France in 1956, Philippe Duneton is an autodidact artist, whose Kabalistic art is the result of a mystical quest, originating from the studying of his Jewish origins. After successful activity as an antique dealer, he set up a company in the real estate business. He then moved to Miami, Florida for new challenges. Duneton discovers his passion for painting when creating art works for a friend. His artwork came across a renowned art dealer in Miami, where several of his paintings were quickly sold. With demands from art dealers for more of his art, Duneton shifted his energy to full time painting. His Kabbalah studies led him to move, with his wife and three children, from Miami to Marrakech, Morocco, an important center of Jewish pilgrimage.

The inspiration he acquired being close to these spiritually rich destination is clearly shown in his future endeavors. From there, he moved to Montreal, Canada, for the education of his children. While in Montreal, he pursued his studies related to the comprehension of the founding religious texts; the Torah and the Kabala. Today, Philippe Duneton lives in a hacienda in the Yucatan, Mexico, where he continues to paint as a full time passion. His art is the condensed reflection of all of his very different lives: modern, religious and oriental. His paintings enrich regularly personal art collections in France, the United States, Morocco, Canada, Mexico and Israel. Philippe Duneton uses a mixed technique of oil based paint and pasting medium, allowing to work strong thicknesses. The texture is modeled with a knife, in order to give volume to the painting. These volumes are then enhanced with golden or silver leaves, and the Hebraic letters, written by hand.

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