Ora Nissim

Ora Nissim, a pioneer avant-garde avant-garde artist, was born in 1978. Her works are influenced by her childhood landscape in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem and are exhibited in the best galleries in Israel and abroad. They are soaked in spirituality and soul and take the viewer into an exciting artistic experience, nourished by what he sees and what is inside him. Ora creates in oil colors contemporary Jewish art with abstract expressionist character. Through colorful color games and textures, her brushes create happy and colorful spiritual creations. Some of them reflect reality, others reflect fantasy. Jerusalem and the Kotel, Klezmer, Hasidic weddings, and others are living on the canvas in a rich and colorful movement full of expression and interest. Some of the paintings are taken from the Jewish experience and daily life, and sometimes their subjects are abstract and describe atmosphere, color and movement.

"The process of creation is like birth," Ora says. "It is all surprise and anticipation, a thrilling experience that bursts out of my personal self and exposes my identity and feelings on the canvas."

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